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...working hard but I'm still alive!
Hi folks, my new website is online but only italian version (sorry).

Check it out

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I see this wonderful work organized by Kanuka :iconkanuka76: illustrated by many DA artist.

A real drow lover as me must have a copy of this one :D

A preview here…

On the previous link you can read how to buy your copy too, it's very very UNEXPENSIVE!
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Dragonero = blackdragon.
Why blackdragon???
Dragons are my fav character in novels, cartoons and film. I was born in 1976, the year of the dragon (is not enought?? :lol: )...They also served as symbols for independence, leadership and strength.
Black! Black, I love black.
I love the black dragon called Neltharion in fantasy novel War of the Ancients by Richard A Knaak.

Ok now u know why dragonero ;)

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